Žemaitija bicycle tour (54 km)

Žemaitija bicycle tour map A necessary part of this tour is a railroad. Analyse train schedules and organize your time in a way that would let you reach the beginning of the tour (Dūseikiai) and your home from Pavenčiai on time. Taking this tour is a very interesting way to get acquainted with Žemaitija region.
• Dūseikiai (A) – train station – jump out and go towards Ubiškės.
• Ubiškės (B)- a little town where the most interesting is the old cemetery in the middle of which a wooden church (1851) including a bell-tower stands.
• Pateklėnai (C) – there is a nice pond in front of which an old tree grows, on which an old chapel is hanged
• Badaukiai (D)Šarkalnė (E)Juodėjai (F)Pavirvytis (G) – these settlements will gift you with marvellous views of Virvytė river which will appear many times on your way.
• Tryškiai (H) – it is a beautiful town, its centre was declared to be an urban monument. The most interesting sightseeing objects there are: a wooden church of St. Trinity, old cemetery, several old chapels.
• Leilėnai (I)Tarvydžiai (J)Pažižmėliai (M) – among forests and fields that you will pass by while driving towards Leilėnai, Tarvydžiai and Pažižmėliai, you may meet many wild animals like deers, rabbits, foxes, boars… Don`t be afraid of them – they are afraid of you even more.
• Švendriai (N)Pažižmė (O) – while riding down towards Pažižmėliai, you will be led by Žiužma river all the time. This place once have faced a big tragedy when in 1998 winter there a truck ditched from the bridge to waters and 10 men died. A distinguishing monument standing there reminds about the terrible accident.
• Ringuvėnai (P) - Kuršėnai (Q) - Pavenčiai (R) – when you reach Kuršėnai, before moving further to Pavenčiai, stop at a beautiful Kuršėnai town park located on the other shore of river Venta. There is a beautiful wooden estate located in it which is the last one of fief estates left in Lithuania. Then go further up to the hill and soon you will be in Pavenčiai train station. Take a train back to your place.