Vichy aqua park

Vichy aqua parkAll the visitors of Vichy aqua park in Vilnius are gladly welcomed with a delightful catchword  “Aloha! Welcome to Vichy aqua park!”. A colorful aqua park is a perfectly realized idea to bring into Vilnius the atmosphere of exotic lands where people may enjoy plenty of water entertainments.

The park holds an area of 25300 sq. km. and can handle 1500 visitors at one time.  It is located in a very comfortable place in Vilnius near the biggest shopping centers  Akropolis and the brand new Ozas shopping center. Vichy aqua park offers entertainments for people of all ages and requirements. Little ones may enjoy safe pools decorated with funny water animals and more than 50 rides. These constructions of platforms are called the Play Island. In addition, Vichy aqua park is a perfect place to celebrate children birthday in the great children Makamaka Tree Birthday room.

There is enough place for the youngest to play and eat birthday cake. For elder visitors Vichy aqua park prepared some entertainments requiring much bravery. Slides of various height and various levels of fear are welcoming valiants to slide down. After trying all of them the question: “Why did they call this attraction Maori Scream?” will not be raised anymore. After great doze of adrenalin a relaxing rest is Lava or Whirpool baths, Massage salon, Canoe River or Dolphin Sea imitating sea waves of 1,5 m height is available. For sure, people may get hungry or thirsty while spending an active day in park of water entertainments so great variety of bars and coffees are available here. Take your time in a luxurious Aloha restaurant and try there exotic dishes served in an exotic way. Grab a snack in a Shaka stand or Bounty Bistro which can serve even 80 people at one time. In addition, why shouldn’t you try a drink while swimming in a pool or simply relaxing in Jacuzzi? Bars are located in various places in the park so wherever you are, one must be somewhere around.

Vichy aqua park is a perfect place for those who want to relax, change the environment and get some new impressions.  Besides great variety of entertainments Vichy aqua park offers other services like beauty salon, towel, locker and even the conference hall rent, taking photos for memory, preparing exotic food for your special occasion, educational program for those who want to know Polynesia better and a souvenir shop. Really, it is hard to describe shortly the entire park advantages, to make long story short, visit the Vichy aqua park and explore the best on your own.

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