Kaunas Airport

The Kaunas Airport located in Karmėlava settlement is the second largest international passenger airport in Lithuania which also specializes in cargo servicing. The airport now has the biggest opportunities to prosper in the country because of it favorable geographical location, airport and roads infrastructure. The airport is easily reachable by car ir by bus from  Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda and other cities.

The Kaunas Airport occupies the area of more than 500 ha. As soon as the new passenger terminal was built, the Kaunas Airport started to be capable to handle more than 800 passengers. An interesting point is that Kaunas Airport is a leader in carrying aircraft- cargo as the terminal carries about 58% what is nearly of 7 thousand tones, of all aircraft-cargo amount in Lithuania. There were several projects implemented in order to modernize the Kaunas Airport . First of all, the signal light system on the runway was improved and now is one of the most modern in Europe. In addition, the safety system, noise controlling and monitoring system of the airport area were developed. In front of the Kaunas Airport a huge car parking of 1000 places was established.

In the Kaunas Airport passengers might find all the necessary additional services. To begin with, the car rental is available. A wireless internet connection line that is more and more needed in today fast moving world, works there. For passengers convenience, a bank works coordinated with the flight schedule and a cash machine is available too. A new modern look and functional shop called “Airport Travel Shop” has just been opened. Passengers can grab a light snack or a hot drink in the Departures zone or enjoy anything they like from a rich menu in a cafeteria located in a check-in area. Also a VIP zone in the airport is available which is perfectly suitable for business meetings. The VIP lounge can accommodate up to 10 persons. At last, the tourism services are available where passengers can get all the necessary information or ask for help.

The Kaunas Airport is now a modernized airport reaching European level. The constant growing number of passengers delights and obliges the airport staff to raise the level  of services and to attempt to become a well known Airport of Eastern Europe, satisfying passengers needs well. The Kaunas Airport is always doing the best in order to make its passengers journeys comfortable.

For more information, please visit: www.kaunasair.lt