Dzūkija bicycle tour, Marcinkonys surroundings (36 km)

Dzūkija bicycle tour mapThe course extends 27 kilometers. It runs through valley of Skroblus river where number of clear springs flow, where unique flora and fauna create a unique natural surroundings and a marvelous Bakanauskas swamps is here also located. The village of Margionys will be one of the most interesting stops odf the route as it is famous for its cultual traditions. Another village, Kapiniškės is a real example of harmony of nature and human cooperation.  Tour begins in Marcinkonys town.
• Marcinkonys (G) – a beautiful little town where there are many sightseeing places like a wooden  church of Judas Tadas (19th century), Čepkeliai national reservoir, Museum of ethnography and history. From this place drive 11,2 km
• Mančiagirė (B) – a settlement located on a shore of Ūla river. There is a nice camp site located suitable for rest. Near this village there were remains of ancient settlement from stone age found. From this place drive 4,4 km
• Žiūrai (C) – near this village is the famous “Ūla eye” located. It is a natural spring declared to be a natural hydro geological monument. This water is full of minerals, besides, it is double as rich in iron as it is usual for regular waters, thus a light taste of iron might be felt. From this place drive 850 m
• Trakiškiai (D) – a village on a shore of Ūla river. From this place drive 9,4 km
• Puvočiai (E) – a village where there are 38 homesteads scattered around. In local surroundings there also a famous Perkūnas (Thunder) stone lies. Local forests are unique in hollow pine trees. Merkys, Skroblus and Grūda rivers there confluence into one trench. From this place drive 3 km
• Kašėtos (F) – a little village on a shore of Grūda river. From this place drive 7,6 km
• Marcinkonys (G) - The end of your trip.