Pašiliai Wisent Breeding Reservoir

The wisent is the biggest wild animal now living in Europe. A giant of usually 3 meters length, 2 m height and 1 tone weight would undoubtedly make an unforgettable impression once unexpectedly met in a wild forest. However, the possibility to meet it in a wild nature is pretty small as this breed now is on a strict preservation. It is one of vanishing species preserved and breed mostly in special reservoirs, parks or zoos.

Vichy aqua park

Vichy aqua parkAll the visitors of Vichy aqua park in Vilnius are gladly welcomed with a delightful catchword  “Aloha! Welcome to Vichy aqua park!”. A colorful aqua park is a perfectly realized idea to bring into Vilnius the atmosphere of exotic lands where people may enjoy plenty of water entertainments.

Trakai Historical National Park

The Trakai Historical National Park is extremely close to the city of Vilnius and is a one among the total of five national parks that Lithuania has and is the smallest among them. The main distinguishing feature of the Trakai Historical National Park is mere twenty five kilometres from the capital city of Lithuania called Vilnius. This is that it is situated in Trakai that also happened to be the ancient centre of all political activity in Lithuania.

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