The longest Lithuanian river is Nemunas, called the father of rivers. It is the biggest and the most important river in Lithuania used for fishery and transporting. Nemunas outflows from the Belarus territory. In this Lithuanian neighbor country the river is called Nioman.

The main facts:
• Length – 937,4 km;
• Pool area – 98200 km2;
• Outflow – Minsk region, Belarus;
• Influent – Curonian Lagoon;
• Flows via Lithuania, Belarus, Russia
• Length in Lithuania- 359km, borderline between Lithuania and Belarus or Kaliningrad – 116km, length in Belarus – 426km.

Each spring as soon as winter retreats , Nemunas floods in the area of Pamarys in Šilutė district.  The floods always sink the territory of 10000ha and pours over about 50km roads with waters. Sometimes the floods sink large areas of fields separating many villages and single homesteads from civilization. Sometimes floods return in fall or winter. The main reasons of Nemunas spilling over its watercourse are rich rainfall and stopped Nemunas` watercourse deepening works.

Nemunas is a river well fitted for long term entertainments like boating or  taking long time excursions on by ferries or canoes as Nemunas crosses marvelous places like Punia, Balbieriškis, Prienai, Birštonas, Kaunas,  creating beautiful natural landscapes including exposures, backs, ravines, springs and number of mounds. There are many Lithuanian songs and poems created about Nemunas as this river is very meaningful for many Lithuanians.