Dūkštai Oak Wood

Oak was always an extraordinary tree in lands of Balts as well as in Lithuanian pagan mythology. Thus,  since pagan times the mystic respect is felt to this tree among Lithuanians. It was believed that gods appeared in holts of oaks so it was forbidden even to chip a small oak spray. Miracle holts were often used as places to pray, oaks were thought to take souls of departed. There is no doubt that oak as a tree is an important part of Lithuanian mythology and still is very meaningful.

Thus in Lithuania there is a place where the strength of these trees can be felt extremely well. It is the oak-wood of Dūkštai located in Regional park of Neris. When driving from Vilnius to Kernavė, after passing Dūkštai village on the right  side of the road there a real miracle of nature opens. In the area of 302 hectares tall oaks most older than 200 years grow. The reserve surprises not only in old oaks, but also in variety of environment in here. This nature recess is full of various species of plants and animals. 280 different plants, 95 species of mushrooms, 7 different species of bats… The oakery seems to be a paradise for vanishing and rare species.

Foresters of Vilnius State Forest decided to establish the cognitive pass along this authentic oak-wood in order to implement conditions for society to get acquainted with this place. Nowadays the pass of 2,3 km length extends along the forest. It is adopted also for invalids. Along the pass approximately 40 sculptures are set that embody Lithuanian folk and mythological figures.  In the end of the pass the big stone lies which it is said has magic powers. Some people believe that if you tell the stone a wish and hug it or give it a stroke, your wish will come true. In addition to this, on the stone there are some yet unread characters graven, on the other side  - old well formed Christian cross. Some legends tell that under the stone there was (possible, that still is) a treasure hidden.

Undoubtedly, the glorious natural oak-wood is a perfect place to regain strength, relax and admire the beauty of nature. It is located just 25 km from Vilnius so it would not take long to come here for tourists from Vilnius as still the capital should be necessary included into the list of Lithuanian highlights. So choose one sunny afternoon and have a nice walk here.