Aukštaitija (Highlands)

Aukštaitija is located in a north eastern and east region of the country. In this region the nucleus of the Grand Duke of Lithuania was formed there around the 11th century. Aukštaitija is the largest Lithuanian region. The region distinguishes from others in its free planned homesteads, villages build according to street plan, its beer and songs. Actually, it is hard to tell whether people of Aukštaitija started singing or drinking beer first. Songs of Aukštaitija are of a very unique sound.

Drūkšiai Lake

The biggest lake in Lithuania named Drūkšiai is located in Zarasai district crossing the borderline between Lithuania and Belarus and faces to borderline between Lithuania and Latvia too. This record lake is the biggest not only in the area it holds, but in capacity of water too. The lake has an interesting history as well as the present.

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