Palanga International Airport

Palanga international airport is a small region airport in the western Lithuania. The infrastructure of it is adopted to serving small and medium airplanes. Although the airport is small, it is an important part of international air system as since 1993 number of passengers was constantly growing.

Palanga international airport was opened in 1937. Then it was a place where Lithuanian military air force pilots were training. In 1939 the first regular course between Palanga and Kaunas was opened.  Since 1940 it was used by Soviet military forces when in 1963 it became a civil internal airport of Soviet Union. As soon as Lithuania got back its independence, the International Palanga airport became a registered national company. Later  the airport was reconstructed and fitted to Schengen requirements. Nowadays the Palanga international airport is serving direct flights to Antalija (Turkey),  Copenhagen (Denmark), Moscow (Russia), Oslo (Norway) and Riga (Latvia).  In addition, the Palanga international airport provides all necessary services that are usual in small region Intenational airports.

Palanga International airport is located in a perfect area for further developments. There is no doubt that a great impulse for tourism and business in the western Lithuania was made because of the airport. In the first half of 2009 Palanga international airport reached even a particular record when there were served more than 45,9 thousand passengers and 1350 airplanes. The Palanga International airport finally outrivaled the closest competitor Liepoja international airport in Latvia in 2009 and now it is generally agreed that it is a vitally important transportation station in western Lithuania. Loud past criticizing of the airport appeared to be needless as today situation shows that a seaboard government was absolutely right when proved the necessity of the airport. Despite the fact Lithuania is pretty small country, 3 international airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga are all useful and implement different important purposes of air infrastructure.

Palanga international airport has not one ambition for the future. First of all, it is working on opening one more international course to Germany, Hamburg. The Palanga international airport prosecuted an inquiry if there is a demand for flights to Germany in Lithuania. Direct flights Palanga- Hamburg are very important also for tourism sector as Germans are one of the most frequent foreign tourists in the Klaipėda region.

Strong trust in further developments of Palanga international airport dominate in all the western Lithuania. The trust is based on obvious results of the airport. Palanga airport is really worth to be an accredted international air communication bridge.

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