Vilnius Train Station

Because of  geographical location, Lithuania is a transit country between East and West. That led it to settling a well developed railway infrastructure. The biggest railway station is the Vilnius Train station. In Vilnius the history of “Lithuanian Railways” started when in 1860 the first locomotive arrived there form Daugpilis.

The Vilnius Train station is a small but universal train station where passengers can find whatever they need easily. The station is located near the Vilnius center which is reachable by public transport or taxi. Many buses and trolleybuses will take you to the Vilnius center just in a few minutes. All the districts of Vilnius city are also reachable by the public transport running from the stops scattered around the Station traffic circle. A small store  open from 6a.m. to 21p.m. where passengers can get foodstuff is located in the  basement of the Vilnius Train station. Upon the arrival a tourism information center and currency exchange are available. For those who are leaving Vilnius by train it would be useful to know that buying tickets in the station is cheaper than from conductor in the train.

In the end of 2008 a great innovation was integrated into the Vilnius Train station infrastructure. There was a special new railing track built that connects the Vilnius Train station with the Vilnius International Airport. That was a very appreciable idea  that now helps to improve the communication and raises the comfort level. Passengers say that it is very useful.  The journey from one point to another takes only 12 minutes and costs very little in comparison with the price of taxi service. The little modern train each day makes 27 passages taking over 400 passengers.  Vilnius citizens and guests are all very pleased with the innovation as they find it very useful. However,  Vilnius Train station is the main object of “Lithuanian Railways” so the traffic there is pretty intensive. Everybody must remember to be careful in the area of railing as that is the place of high danger.

Although Vilnius Train station is not very large and fancy, it is comfortable and fitted to satisfy all necessary passengers needs. What is more, the Vilnius Train station is often included into cultural events as  various not charged art expositions are held there in order to represent the temper of the city for its guests. A great communication with the International Vilnius Airport, with the Vilnius Bus station and Vilnius Center is an undoubtedly worth bonus. Once travelled  to Vilnius by train all are kindly surprised by the convenience.

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