Smiltynė Ferry Terminal

Klaipėda city is separated from Curonian Spit by Curonian Lagoon. For connection of two shores across the Curonian Lagoon,  Smiltynė Ferry Terminal is operating. The importance of the terminal has not lessen during more than 50 years as it is open. The ferry terminal became one of the most valuable transportation services in Klaipėda and Curonian Spit as it is the  most comfortable way to reach the other shore, to transfer not only passengers, but big amount of cargo too.

In order to reach Curonian Spit from Klaipėda as fast and handily as it is possible, in 1945 the Smiltynė ferry Terminal was founded by a River Navy. It had to guarantee the well-run communication between the two shores. The Old Ferry Terminal at first was a part of strong river transport enterprise, but as soon as the river transport diminished, the Ferry Terminal returned to its principal function to be the main connectivity device between  Klaipėda and Curonian Spit again.  The industry and tourism started developing rapidly so the necessity of the Terminal was growing very fast then. At last the Old Ferry Terminal could not cope with the job and in 1986 one more,  the new Ferry Terminal was established. After Lithuania got its independence back, the joint - stock company “Smiltynės perkėla” was  registered in order to coordinate the Ferry Terminals. Nowadays it is the only one water transportation company in Lithuania which has such a long period experience.

Nowadays both the Old Terminal and the New Terminal are operating. From the Old one only 2 Ferries currently operates while from the New one even four ones. The two biggest ferries named Nemunas and Žalgiris both built in 1987 just after the new Ferry Terminal was open can carry 1215 passengers. The services in the ferries are constantly being  improved and increased. In order to ensure the safety and comfort for its passengers the ferries crews and masters are all of high qualification. The pricelist of carrying vehicles, passengers and animals is not scary at all. For example ticket for both ways for one person without any discounts available costs 2,9 litas. Carrying a bicycle costs the same and to carry a personal car costs 40 litas.

Taking a ferry from Klaipėda to Curonian Spit is always full of joy short journey where passengers can smell the Curonian Lagoon, watch the white seagulls and terns flying closely around the ferry and indulge them with the windy fresh air. There is no doubt that Smiltynė Ferry Terminal is one of the main transportation companies in Klaipėda which is very appreciated not only by local inhabitants but by thousands of Klaipėda guests too.