Seaside bicycle tour (52 km)

Seaside bicycle tour mapThis course is probably the most impressive in Lithuania as it extends through spectacular nature of Curonian Spit which is included into UNESCO World heritage list. Pine forests, dunes, sea breeze – this is a real pleasure for bicyclers. Cycling the hard shoulders of the main road of Curonian Lagoon will be very pleasant and comfortable.
The tour begins in Klaipėda:
• The Square of Regeneration - central square of Klaipėda city – your destination from here is to reach the Old Ferry terminal. Drive down the Danė street to the Castle bridge.
• The Castle Bridge – get to the left side of Danė river, drive straight under the bridge, turn towards Castle street, Fishermen street until you reach the Old Ferry terminal.
• The Old ferry terminal – buy a Ferry ticket to both sides and in 10 minutes you will be on another side of Klaipėda channel, called Smiltynė.
• Smiltynė (A) – there you may spend a few hours – do not hesitate to visit the Lithuanian Sea Museum, Aquarium, Dolphinarium.But if you are on your tip toe to get to Nida, just turn left from the terminal in Smiltynė and drive down further.You are already in the Curonian Spit.
• Juodkrantė (B) – the second biggest town in Curonian Spit, it is a holiday resort where there are plenty of hotels, summer houses and restaurants. Visit the Amber bay, go down the cognitive path of Curonian Spit, visit the famous Hill of Witches, the local church of neo gothic style, the breeding ground of the great cormorants and the grey herons.
• The Grey Dunes (C) – when you go futher towards Nida from Juodkrantė, watch the road and look for a beach marked with blue flag. When you pass it, look for informational stand which appears exactly where you have to turn into an autonomous bicycle route leading to Nagliai nature reservoir. In Naglis reservoir there is the so called Lithuanian Sahara located -  Dead or also called Grey Dunes. There is a cognitive path available. Going down the path you will see marvelous panorama of Baltic sea, Curonian Lagoon and Nemunas river opening. After visiting this outstanding natural miracle, go further through pine woods until you reach Pervalka.
• Pervalka (D) – you should come straight to Pervalka town center driving down the bicycle route. Ir Pervalka you should visit the Horse Lighthouse. After a break, turn right and go further to Preila.  From this place drive 5 km
• Preila (E) – there is also some interesting things to see – The Karvaičiai hill (under  sands of the hill there was an old village, it was left by the last inhabitants in 18th century), the Vecekrugas hill – the highest dune in Curonian Spit (67,2 m).
• Nida (F) – the most popular resort town in Curonian Spit, located on the border with Russian Federation, Kaliningrad. There is a Thom Mann museum, a fantastic Parnidis dune where marvelous Sun clock decorated with pagan symbols stands and many other beautiful places.