Palanga International Airport

Palanga international airport is a small region airport in the western Lithuania. The infrastructure of it is adopted to serving small and medium airplanes. Although the airport is small, it is an important part of international air system as since 1993 number of passengers was constantly growing.

Smiltynė Ferry Terminal

Klaipėda city is separated from Curonian Spit by Curonian Lagoon. For connection of two shores across the Curonian Lagoon,  Smiltynė Ferry Terminal is operating. The importance of the terminal has not lessen during more than 50 years as it is open. The ferry terminal became one of the most valuable transportation services in Klaipėda and Curonian Spit as it is the  most comfortable way to reach the other shore, to transfer not only passengers, but big amount of cargo too.

Vilnius Train Station

Because of  geographical location, Lithuania is a transit country between East and West. That led it to settling a well developed railway infrastructure. The biggest railway station is the Vilnius Train station. In Vilnius the history of “Lithuanian Railways” started when in 1860 the first locomotive arrived there form Daugpilis.

Kaunas Airport

The Kaunas Airport located in Karmėlava settlement is the second largest international passenger airport in Lithuania which also specializes in cargo servicing. The airport now has the biggest opportunities to prosper in the country because of it favorable geographical location, airport and roads infrastructure. The airport is easily reachable by car ir by bus from  Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda and other cities.

Vilnius International Airport

Vilnius International Airport located in the southern part of Vilnius city is the largest airport in Lithuania. Passengers are always kindly surprised of the convenience of the airport not only because of the services that are available in here but also because of its location as the airport is only 7 km or 15 minutes  by car from the city center that can easily be reached by taxi or by local public transport.

How to get to Lithuania by Bus

Coming to Lithuania by bus

Lithuania is located in the center of Europe thus many important highways cross the country. Communication with the ground transport is appreciated as one of the cheapest ways to get to Lithuania. Getting to Lithuania by bus is one on of the most popular ways to come here. The international bus infrastructure is well developed thus this public transport is both cheap and comfortable.

How to get to Lithuania by Car

Traveling Lithuania by car could be very comfortable and enjoyable. Here you may get acquainted with the main facts, limitations and regulations of traffic in Lithuania.
The main highways in Lithuania are:
A1 – Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda
A6 – Kaunas – Zarasai –Daugpilis

Driving in Lithuania

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