In Telšiai district there is a reserve of 15 hectares established in a forestry of Ubiškės in 1996. It is the so called Žvėrinčius which was created for several purposes. Firstly, an initiator and the main keeper of this half wide park Petras Dabrišius mentions a necessity to preserve populations of vanishing species of raptorial animals in Lithuania. The second reason to create Žvėrinčius was to meet society with real nature keeping the nearest possible distance between human and animal.

Žvėrinčius is a complex of paled yards of 14,7,  2,4 hectares and 30 ares located in the middle of a thick forest. Although animals living there are fed  and watched by visitors every day, they fell like living in the wild. In the bigger yard there live fallow-deers, moufflons, and a boar, lynxes occupied territory of 30 ares, a family of boar mother and her children also has a separate boar-pit,  while the yard of 2,4 hectares is here for a wolves family.

Once came to visit this interesting park of wildlife people are surprised with the contact with animals that can be reached there. There are several watch towers erected for people to climb up and quietly watch daily life of wild animals. Of course, sometimes visitors have to spend hours quietly waiting for a wolf or a lynx to show up, but patience buys off undoubtedly. Watching animals in almost natural living conditions might be even considered as a kind of meditation. All troubles and worries then are left far away behind and the only thing you get concentrated on is the harmony in families of wonderful wild animals.

However, visiting Žvėrinčius might look as a dangerous excursion, still it is a place where raptorial animals live. But this position is not correct. The most dangerous animal – a bear is of a very friendly character, what is more, it is preserved in a large cage including a house and a pool behind iron gratings. As it was already mentioned, wolves can only be watched from a bower uplifted high above their living place. 7 Lynxes also live at a fold of 30 ares fitted to their potential. So, a creator of this park did his best to make the park as save as it is possible. Of course, there are also many inherently friendly and gentle species living. Friendly and sweet as kittens goats always happily meet visitors here. Chicken-hearted fellow deers and bunnies can also show up on your way. There is no doubt that you will definitely see boars that usually are very brave and curious.

Žvėrinčius is a precious nature recess attracting both – children and grownups. There is a nice playing ground for the little ones, number of cognitive stands describing Lithuanian animal species, high up in trees there are many nesting boxes fitted for birds to live. Obviously, the park plays an important role in preservation of rare species.  As it is said: “ An animal knows everything, only can`t talk. If it disappears, the same will all secrets”.

Entrance  2-4 litas