Vilnius TV Tower

The highest building in Lithuania is the Vilnius TV tower. Whithersoever you are in Vilnius city, it can be seen almost from anywhere. It is not only a fascinating building, it is also an original device to implement various projects and also a particular symbol of Lithuanian independence.

Building works of this unique tower began in 1974. The act of exploitation was signed in 1980. So, it took 6 years to build the highest building in Lithuania. The Vilnius TV tower is of 326,4 meters height and its` whole construction weights more than 25 thousand tones. When the  TV tower was finished in 1980, it significantly improved the picture transmission and volume quality of TV and radio broadcasts. Till nowadays the building serves as a television transmission tower, UHF (ultra high frequency)and VHF(very high frequency) electromagnetic waves transmitter and an observation tower.

The Vilnius TV tower also includes a fantastic restaurant which is permanently turning around itself in order to create its guests an opportunity to dine and to observe Vilnius city from all possible sides. It is called “Milky Way” and truly matches its sounding name. The capacity of the restaurant is 70 seats. Its` modern environment and great menu attracts many visitors, especially  foreigners. By the way, it is recommended to make reservations in advance for groups of more than 10 people.

The Vilnius TV tower also reminds Lithuanians about tragic events that happened there in 1991, the 13th of January. Then Soviet tanks surrounded the tower in order to occupy it. It was necessary for their plans to broadcast Soviet propaganda and shut down Lithuanian broadcasting that announced  Lithuania and all the World about brutal and illegal Soviet behavior. Thousands of armless people gathered there to stand in front of Soviet military forces in order to stop them. That terrible night 14 Lithuanians were deathly hurt under tracks of Soviet tanks. They died for the freedom of their country that they fought for at the base of Vilnius TV tower. Nowadays the street where Vilnius TV tower stands is called January the 13th Street.

As nowadays the tower serves also as a part of various projects it also associates with Christmas for Lithuanians. Every year it is dressed with bulb garlands of amazing length. In 2009 the total weight of garlands on the TV tower was 1339 kg - there were more than 5400 bulbs.

The Vilnius TV tower is included into the list of Word`s highest buildings. It makes it really considerable to visit the tower and see it yourself. If you miss some good impressions and would like to get acquainted with the whole Vilnius city at a glance – just get up the tower and enjoy your time.

The Vilnius TV tower is open for visitors 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM every day. Tickets are 9-21 Litas.

Vilnius TV Tower - the highest Christmas Tree