Lithuania in Video

Most attention catching videos about Lithuania of various genres  can be found here. Advertisements, TV shows, events and other interesting clips expose Lithuania from various unexpected corners.

Unseen Lithuania

Watching the video “Unseen Lithuania” will let you get acquainted with Lithuania from above. The never seen Lithuania from bird`s view takes away the breath. Amazing views that were recorded by Marius Jovaiša, the author of the famous photo album of the same name and also great soundtrack by Andrius Mamontovas creates the unforgetable impression.



Lithuania commercial

This clip describes the most important ranges in Lithuania. Just in 8 minutes you will know many interesting and useful facts about the country told figuratively. Just listen to the vivid telling by the handsome young Lithuanian actor who will undoubtedly help you to form a clear view about Lithuania.

Three Sheets in Lithuania

The worldwide known TV Show Three Sheets from USA visited Lithuania too! As the TV show mostly makes the research of alcohol customs and drinking in different countries, in these videos you may see what alcoholic sites the comedian Zane Lamprey found in Lithuania. Be careful: watching these videos tempts to sample the delights of Lithuanian beverages too!

Essential Lithuania

There is a brand new video broadcasting about Lithuania created by world famous TV channel "Travel Channel". Take your time and enjoy Lithuania for half an hour. As the "Travel Channel" has a really huge audience, it is thought that this film will be the one best representing Lithuania for a next few years!