Verkiai Regional Park

Verkiai regional park is located within the pale of Vilnius city and it is easy and fast reachable from the center of capital by car. The park occupies 2670 hectares and for many people from Western Europe it should look like a real miracle that in such a big city such a marvelous nature recess including historical heritage monuments could be found. Both, nature and cultural beauty here in the park is located thus it is more and more popular place to visit on free time.

In 1992 in order to protect the Green Lakes as well as the cultural complex of Verkiai Palace, the Verkiai regional park was established. More than 76% of the park area is covered by forests. In comparison to other regional parks it is one of the most forested parks in Lithuania. The landscape there is unique and really beautiful. Valleys of Neries, Turniškių, Riešės, Baltupio rivers are very picturesque. The Green Lakes strech in deep and long waterholes of a very sharp slopes. The Balsys lake distinguishes in it water color as well as in its banks: As its shores are overgrown with thick forest where trees of 40 meters height grow, these shores sink into water while flooding the flush vegetation! Overall, more than 870 different plants grow there in the Verkiai regional park, 33 of which are included into Lithuanian Red book of rare and vanishing species. In addition to this, an ornithological pass is there established, so people are able not only to watch rare plants, but also – rare birds.

One of the most impressive architectural ensembles in Lithuania is located here, in the Verkiai regional park. The marvelous Verkiai palace, the old pond system, a unique complex of Kalvarijos, church of Discovery of St. Cross, and the only one in Europe the so called Way of Cross are all located here. So, visitors are able to admire both – beautiful nature and interesting sightseeing objects there. Moreover, some active entertainments for tourists are also available here. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, horse riding are here available. These relaxations, beautiful nature and environment and comfortable location unites into one attractive place for everyone`s free time!

It is really impressive to find such an amazing place away, but not so far from the big city. Coming here guarantees good time and good impressions whatever the weather would be like. As the sun colors it brightly, the rain shadows it in mystic way. Summertime highlights the coolness of waters, wintertime opens new unexpected forms of banks of rivers and lakes… But whenever you come here, the glory of Verkiai palace never changes while making the whole Verkiai regional park and unforgettable place.