Verkiai Palace

Lithuanians consider Verkiai Regional Park to be a legendary place of ancient pagans where famous magus Lizdeika was born. The magus is famous for prediction about  Vilnius city. In the Verkiai Regional park there is a Verkiai Palace located which is a famous neo classicism style building located on a steep of Neris river. The Verkiai Palace is the main focus of the whole Verkiai mansion farmyard.   Local inhabitants as well as Vilnius city guests love coming here as it is a very romantic place where historical forms and wonderful views opening from the steep charm everyone.

The Verkiai Palace was built in the 18th century. At first the whole complex of the homestead included many buildings of various purposes. The most impressive building of the ensemble was the central palace which used to stand on the Southern part of the steep. But the central Palace was chocked by the Eastern palace (right now known as Verkiai Palace)which was reconstructed and widened just after the Central Palace was finally ruined. It was the end of the 18th century when Lithuanian bishop Masalskis made the Verkia Palace his main residence. The residence was decorated with expensive silks and furniture. It is said that bishop spent 25 000 gold coins in order to equip it. The investment was obviously seen in the Palace. It became the main representative Palace in the 19th century when it was beautifully renovated by the best architects who worked in Vilnius then.

Nowadays the Verkiai Palace is open for visitors. In the Palace there many unique architectural elements remained till nowadays that decorate the inside interior. The most impressive are 7 halls in the eastern part of the palace that all were renovated according to their authentic historical appearance. The Green, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Classicism, the Empire, the Black and the White halls are all different. The halls prove the well educated taste of former masters of the Verkiai Palace. The sophisticated interior of the Verkiai Palace is worth to be visited and explored. Only the side stairwell is decorated with dilettante paintings of hunting scenes that do not really suit to the whole nicety.

Sightseeing in Verkiai Regional Park is a great way to spend a day. There is a luxurious restaurant located where visitors can have a nice snack and a rest. Local surroundings are not less impressive as the main Verkiai Palace itself, so even if getting inside the Palace would not be available, the outside excursion would not disappoint. However, in order to make your trip as useful and interesting as it is possible, it is recommended to set your excursion in advance.

Verkiai Palace is open Mon-Fri . For a certain time you are asked to call +370 52 712 421. Entrance is 1-3 litas, guidance (only in Lithuanian) available for 20 litas.