Art Gallery "Vartai" (The Gate)

The „Vartai“ gallery in Vilnius is the biggest private art gallery in Lithuania. In 1991 it was opened just as an exhibition hall and today it is much more than that.

The “Vartai” gallery is operating since 1991. Since it was opened, it started collaborating with various cultural organizations, foreign embassies, cultural institutions , other galleries and museums in order to create an environment for artists representing the gallery to widen relations and improve conditions to work, create and communicate with waiters. Obviously, wide view and positive attitude decided the gallery to become a prestigious art source for society.

Vartai” - the gate symbolizes entering another space and different point of view. Any kind of art media is here accepted and welcome. The gallery is open for painting, photography, video art, installations, sculpture, graphics – everything what describes visual arts. In this gallery art works created by Lithuanian and foreign artists are available. “Vartai” represents the Baltic region art for international audience – so it is an important advantage of this gallery excluding it from others. As a flexible institution, the “Vartai” gallery organize not only expositions, but also –seminars, conferences, private and public thematic evenings and presentations. One more important particularity of “Vartai” activities is possibility to buy or to rent artworks here. Possibility to purchase an original artwork created by professional artist is making the visit to the gallery even more joyful. You may not be afraid of falling in love with some exhibits cause you really can buy it.

Gallery “Vartai” record its work and art in common while publishing art catalogues. As art is telling the world about issues and emotions, the gallery is trying to collect these “stories” and let anyone willing to get acquainted with them just while turning over the leaves of their printed compendiums.

In order to get acquainted with number of professional artists representing their creations in “Vartai” gallery as well as to find out the newest occasions and exhibitions, please visit the site.
Address: Vilniaus str. 39, Vilnius, tel. +(370 5) 212 2949, Open hours: Tue – Fri 12:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sat – 12:00 AM – 4:00 PM