Tuskulėnai Manor and Quiet park

Tuskulėnai Quiet park occupying territory of 7,5 hectares is an important historical and architectural monument of Vilnius city as people here can enjoy marvelous views of recently renovated Tuskulėnai Manor buildings of late classicism style  or pray for hundreds of right there buried victims of Soviet regime.

Very close to Vilnius city center, on a shore of Neris river there are Tuskulėnai Quiet park and the Tuskulėnai Manor located.  The Manor in Žirmūnai district is the oldest architectural monument  as the present building was erected in 1825 by the order of Lithuanian governor general Alexander Rimsky – Korsakov.

The total ensemble of the Manor consists of the main palace, a storage, and several other buildings the most exclusive of which is an eclectic chapel of St. Theresa. The chapel plays kind of symbolic role there as in surroundings of Tuskulėnai Quiet park there can be found both – harmony of historic architectural buildings renovated in the end of 2008 as well as sorrow of more than 700 victims killed by Soviet forces who were reburied in columbarium in Tuskulėnai Quiet park. By te way, the columbarium is decorated with a mosaic created by an artist Gitenis Umbrasas which symbolizes a trinity – destiny, happiness and freedom. The mosaic was valued in almost 87 000 Euros.

As it was already mentioned, Tuskulėnai Quiet park is a rest place for many people killed by KGB Soviet forces.  Officers, priests, leaders of national resistance (15 different nationalities) were all kept in KGB prisons in deep dark cellars (1944-47) where they  were tortured and killed and after that - surreptitiously buried in the territory of this park. During archeological researches human remains were there found revealing terrible inhuman actions taken by Russians in order to implement Soviet genocide plans. In memory of innocent victims of Soviet genocide, the Tuskulėnai Quiet park nowadays also includes a memorial complex. Visitors of Tuskulėnai memorial complex can not only see beautiful buildings or memorial complex, not only have a rest in natural surroundings listening to Neris river murmur and of softly rustling park flora, but also attend there often arranged exhibitions and commemorations.

Reconstruction works of Tuskulėnai Manor and of Tuskulėnai Quiet park memorial complex cost more than 7 million Euros. This quiet an impressive sum was used for tens of scrupulous tasks that had to be done in order to recreate hidden frescos, dilapidated façades, complicated authentic planned structure of the Manor and many other things. Many specialists like architects, masters of wall painting, sculptors and masons were involved into renovation process. Finally now everyone can admire great results of hard professional work while visiting the Tuskulėnai Quiet park and its outstanding buildings.