Electronic Music Festival - Tundra

In 2010 July 2-6 the Tundra festival of electro and dance music will be held for the 7th time already. This year the 4 days lasting festival will delight its guests with such a variable and big program that even the old wolves of music festivals will be impressed.

Tundra festival will be located in Zarasai district, on a peninsula of Avilys lake.  This lake is the 5th biggest in Lithuania and in total there are 31 islands scattered in its` waters. Also Avilys has 15 affluent rivers thus it is very rich in fish and underwater flora. So, guests of the festival will be able to admire exclusively picturesque landscape there and of course – have a great time enjoying the festival program.

This year there will be 4 stages prepared for performances representing 4 main themes created by festival organizers. As originality there is always strongly adapted, the main 4 topics are: Magus space, Shaman space, Wizard space and Ritual space. If it sounds mystic, strange and untraditional for you, obviously organizers reached their goal – to attract and to catch your attention. Magus space will present music of professional and broadly honored Techno and Bass masters. Shaman stage will be occupied by Psy Trance rhythms. New performers, that so far are not well known or not known at all will try to enthrall the audience in the stage of Wizard. The Ritual space will provide people with relaxing chilling melodies.

Promoting music festivals with not musical program elements becomes more and more popular these days. Tundra is not an exception, there will be a mini town of creative activities operating. Organizers of Tundra festival have many plans to implement like arranging exhibitions of art installations, representing artistic performances, watching cinema, organizing seminars on environmentally friendly topics. Regarding an environment, Tundra festival in 2010 is paying big attention to ecology. There will be special activities taken by Tundra staff that will encourage everybody attending the festival to act responsibly regarding pollution while trying to minimize any possible damage for nature during the festival and later on.

Organizers of Tundra festival have already prepared special bus routes from 3 biggest Lithuanian cities that will carry festival guests straight to the place of the venue. Many people really appreciate this possibility as there is no doubt that thousands of electro music lovers will be on their tip toe to get to this 4 days lasting madness in Zarasai surroundings where more than 180 artists are going to perform.  For sure, this year the event will surpass all expectations – the longest ever, the largest ever and perhaps the craziest ever too.