Trinapolis Church and Monastery

In Vilnius Verkiai regional park there an old baroque ensemble of Trinapolis church and monastery is located. Everyone going down the Verkiai street pays an attention to a beautiful church decorating shores of Neris river. The two tower church and an oblong rectangular moanstery welcome visitors to go upstairs and admire the mistyc atmsphere around there.

The ensemble was built in the 17th – 18th centuries. It was built to be suitable for only 13 monks to live in. These monks were maintained by neighbor hospices and by a Krosna mansion. The mansion once even became an escape from death for monks of Trinapolis monastery as they hided there and survived the terrible plague in 1710.  In the same year their church and monastery burnt till ashes, but in 1721 a new stone church here stood already which was consecrated in 1722. The monastery was rebuilt in 1752.

At the same year the church was reconstructed in a late baroque style while modest buildings of the Trinapolis monastery were narrow and simple, stated in a cross style. Later on, historical conditions changed the main purpose of the Trinapolis monastery, in 1812 it was a French military hospital, in 1832 the monastery was finally closed and used as a cantonment and hospital. In 1846 the church of Trinapolis ensemble was reconstructed into an orthodox church. And only after the First World War it was given back to Catholics.

Tough period of Soviet occupation left several deep scarps on face of Trinapolis church and monastery. Many interior elements of the church were destroyed and only the broad inside space and interesting disposition of inside naves remain the former glory of Trinapolis church. The church nowadays is not serving as a public prayer house, but it is a magnificent public baroque monument. Now it serves for spiritual exercises of local sisters nuns.

The ensemble of Trinapolis church and monastery nowadays is one of the main cultural sights in Verkiai Regional park as well as one of the point in famous Vilnius Kalvarija Way of the Cross. This Way of the Cross accurately repeats the authentic religious Way of the Cross which Christ went after the Last Supper until crucifixion. Although Soviets banned attending these saint places in 1962 and destroyed most of the stations, but under an initiation of clergy, all Stations were rebuilt and reconstructed. The Way of Cross in Verkiai regional park is an exclusive religious, architectural and urban ensemble in Europe.

Trinapolis church and monastery is a distinguishing pilgrimage sight as well as an interesting object of architectural sightseeing. It is surprising how beautifully massive structures of the ensemble interflows into natural surroundings of Vilnius Verkiai regional park. That is one of the rare examples when nature and human buildings perfectly supplement each other.