Top 10 Historical Country Leaders to Visit Lithuania

Peter I the Great of Russia - on 1701 February 17th arrived to Biržai castle in Lithuania to negiotate with Augustus II the Strong of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. On March 7th here they agreed to make a coalition against Sweden. Later at 1705 Peter I visited Biržai castle once again. Peter made idisputable contribution in modernizing Russian empire and making it one of the most powerful countries in the Europe at that time.



Frederick William III of Prussia - arrived to Klaipėda (Memel) together with queen in 1802 for the first time to meet Russian tsar Alexander I. Later in 1807 the same Klaipėda became as residence of Frederick, when he had to face defeat of Prussia to Napoleon army. He stayed in Klaipėda in mercy of Alexander I for one year, and this city was kept as temporary capital city of Prussia.

Napoleon Bonaparte - visited Lithuania in 1812 during French invasion to Russia. Vilnius was chosen by Napoleon not only as political and administartional center but also as the main center of military back-up. It is a well known Napoleon's saying when he saw St. Anne's church - that he would like to take it on his palm back to Paris. Contarary to this Vilnius became as the main graveyard for French army when retreating from Russia. About 40 thousand soldiers died in Vilnius city, and as much in 100 km radius around Vilnius. Most of them died from exhaustion and hunger.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - in 1895 September visited Vilnius in Lithuania during his trip back-home to Russia from Switzerland. He stayed at one local revoliusionist's place. At the end of the same year Lenin was arrested and later expeled to Siberia for 3 years. Lenin later became the leader of October Revolution and the first leader of Soviet Socialist Republics which after his death evolved to one of the most cruel dictatorship in world history led by Joseph Stalin.

Nicholas II of Russia - visited Lithuania in 1904. At that time it was a territory of Russia. Tsar was travelling by train and stopping in Suvalkai, Vilnius and Kaunas governorates. It was the last tsar and monarch of Russia.  After February revolution in 1917 he was imprisoned by bolsheviks, and on 1918 he, together with all family and servants, were killed by the same revolutionists. These killings were organised by the same Lenin.

Adolf Hitler - in 1939 March 23rd arrived to Klaipėda, seaport of Lithuania, in occasion of annexation of Klaipėda region. Hitler stayed in Klaipėda only for two hours, participated in parade, gave a speech. This was the last Nazi bloodless annexation of territories earlier separated from the German or Austrian Empires by the Treaty of Versailles. Later this year Hitler started World War II which till 1945 took lifes of about 60 million people.

Mikchail Gorbachev - visited Lithuania in 1990 January 11-14. The purpose of visit was to change the tone of Lithuania rising for it's independence. Soviet leader left Lithuania stunned by so wide-spreaded thoughts of independence from Soviet empire. Soon Lithuania became the first Soviet state to declare it's independence and was later reckoned as one of the main factors of Soviet Union collapse, and Gorbachev became the last leader of the same Soviet Union.



Jiang Zemin - in 2002 June arrived to Vilnius for 2 days visit. Jiang Zemin was president of the Peoples's Republic of China for 10 years. He was the leader of his country during it's fast economical growth during last decades. He initiated many reforms allowing China to implement some form of capitalism market, but was critized much about China's policy towards Tibet.

George W. Bush - in 2002 November 25th became the first USA president to visit Lithuania. He came to welcome Lithuania which after long waiting was invited to join the NATO. He made a speech in city-hall square. Nevertheless George Bush finished his presidency in 2009 becoming one of the most unpopular presidents in history of the USA.

Elizabeth II of United Kingdom - visited Lithuania in 2006 October 16-18th. Elizabeth II is being on the British throne for one of the longest period in histoy of Britain. During her staying in Vilnius she visited several memorial places, said speech in Lithuanian Parliament and tried to get in touch with as many simple  people of Vilnius as possible.

There were also lot's of other political or country leaders to visit Lithuania during it's more than 1.000 year of history as independent state or part of other countries. To name a few more: empress Catherina I of Russia, emperor of Japan Akihito, most of the European country leaders in the past several decades and other.