Sirens Theatre Festival

In 2009 October, already the 6th international theatre festival Sirens (Sirenos lit.) is going to be held in Vilnius. It is an event when lovers of professional theatre are able to enjoy performances of talented actors, admire the oneness of fantasy of directors and meditate upon the problems and topics treated in theatrical form.

During the international theatre festival Sirens visitors are able to watch spectacles put on by Lithuanian and foreign directors. In 2009 there will be shown works made by Lithuanian directors such like R. Tuminas, C. Graužinis, O. Koršunovas, G. Varnas. Together with the Lithuanian directors, foreign creators like K. Smedso, J. Klatos, J. Lupos are participating in the festival. All the directors are the most famous ones in their homelands so there is no doubt that the spectacles which they are going to show during the festival will catch the great attention and will be worth watching. The main topics all the directors analyze while creation process differ so almost everyone could find in the program something they care most. Despite the financial difficulties, festival organizers give all their efforts in order to implement the project again and to bring the Sirens into list of manual traditional cultural events in Vilnius.

As the festival is going to be held already the 6th time, it have found its permanent beholders. They are people with young spirits who are always ready for art challenges and new ideas. During the years Sirens has changed its program a bit, but still left the main idea. In the beginning the generation of new European directors was represented which got its artistic maturity right after the collapse of Berlin wall. These creators formed later generations and the view of the festival we see nowadays was influenced by them. According to Vilnius as the European culture capital in 2009, the Sirens, actually, began its program already in January in 2009 when there were showed performances by the oldest France theatre Comédie-franēaise. The Italian theatre reached the Lithuanian stage in February when the apocalyptical trilogy of Dante “Divine comedy” was shown and discussed loudly later. The rest of the program is going to be shown in October. The rest of the program is very wide including not only works of professional directors, but also works of young creators, the possible future professionals.

The international theatre festival Sirens is a space for creativity and self-expression for many talented people. Possibility to show, to compare, to estimate and to discuss the wide variety of performances is a valuable art event and an exceptional cultural face of Vilnius city.