International street theatre festival “Šermukšnis”

In 2009 already the 15th international street theatre festival “Šermukšnis” (Rowan) was held in June in Klaipėda city. Despite pretty wintry summer weather, crowds of people gathered into the Klaipėda Old town in order to watch plenty of interesting art performances. The 3 days lasting festival delighted Klaipėda citizens and city guests with number of free of charge performances. Such an opportunity is offered not every day!

The international street theatre festival “Šermukšnis” is an entertaining occasion organized every 2 years in  Klaipėda in summer. This festival not only enlarges the geographical aspect of performing countries, but also popularizes various specific and untraditional theatre genres implemented in untraditional space. Visitors are able here to admire a great variety of theatre manifestations, improvisations and even a carnival fever.  Sometimes the festival transforms into crazy fantasy or a process including theater elements.

Although the main theme of the festival is theater, spectacles and theater performances occupies only the smaller part of the program. “Šermukšnis” is full of musical performances, attractions, circus numbers. However, the spectacles are really worth attention as presentations fitted to street atmosphere are both surprising and riveting! Still and all, the real “Šermukšnis” festival is not watching separate performances, it is watching and admiring the whole of performances, listening to a common music sounds. The real spirit of the festivals reveals through colors, sounds and phantasmagoria filling the Klaipėda Old town and the castle.

There is no doubt that international street theatre “Šermukšnis” is a real mystique in open air. During the years it overgrew the simple frame of theatre festival and became a wonderful fest of seaport castle. 20 countries have already performed there. From 1985 till 2001 performances were showed on the stages inside city theatres, but since 2001 the whole program of the festival moved outside and became a significant part of Sea festival program.