Tamsta Music Festival

In 2010 July 30-31 there will be the second Tamsta Music festival held in Dzūkija region, Varėna city surroundings where a beautiful isle of „Dainų slėnis“ is located.  Hundreds of positive testimonials complimenting the first Tamsta Music Festival held in 2009 prove an unchallenged success of the second festival too.

The Tamsta Music is exceptional for its program which is dedicated to live performances and Lithuanian music of high quality satisfying taste of really selective musical gourmands.  Although the main pride of the festival is a collection of the best Lithuanian musicians, in 2010 the program will be spiced up with Sweden band “Little dragon” which will poor some fresh Swedish breeze into Lithuanian atmosphere. One more thing separating Tamsta Music festival from other similar events in Lithuania is that Tamsta Music is not a mass event as number of festival attendants is limited in order not to overcrowd the beautiful “Dainų slėnis”. Because of that, people should buy tickets in advance in order to guarantee themselves a great weekend.

In 2010 Tamsta Music festival will demonstrate kind relationship with ecology and… Lithuanian railway! Attendants of the festival will be able to arrive to a place of the venue by train paying for the ticket only 50% of the sum. This initiative will help people not only to save money, but also to find new friends on the road and to make their Tamsta weekend more memorable and exciting.

Tamsta Music Festival will invite people to join two local tent cities established among trees that will protect  campsites from sun and rain. The first camping will be inside the festival zone where bringing food, beverages as well as other usual forbidden stuff will be strictly prohibited and controlled. The outside camping will welcome all eatable and drinkable materials except of dangerous ones and except of these carried in glass packing. However, organizers of the festival have taken care of a wide variety of catering spots in the festival. In addition, special relaxing area will be excluded where it will be possible to have a cup of tea, to read a good book or simply have a nap in a hammock lied in refreshing shadows among trees. People who will be willing to have a rest from endless sounds of music will be able to have an active rest in a nearby located ONE Adventure park, inviting everyone to join a real life of a real wild Tarzan while climbing.

Tamsta Music Festival is kind of many ways to enjoy summer in Lithuania. Sparkling sun flashes in water, redolent pine trees, wild dances, sounds of music and friendly atmosphere unite into a honest creation where nature and art supplement each other.