A perfect place to have a great rest in beautiful natural surroundings and quietness is a Šventoji resort located on the shore of Baltic sea.  Number of cosy cottages scattered in flavorful pinewoods, a fine net of sandy paths leading to the seaside and marvelous Lithuanian seaside  nature creates a perfect atmosphere for holiday.



Šventoji resort is a former fisherman village which was settled near the  fall of river Šventoji.  In the 16th century English merchants got the right to establish a harbor there . Perhaps the busiest times for Šventoji harbor was the 17th century when it became a significant competitor for Klaipėda and Königsberg (Karaliaučius) harbors as in 1685 Šventoji town got the right of purchasing and developing marine business.

However, in 1701 the harbor was destroyed during the North War. Despite promises to reconstruct the harbor, reconstruction plans failed after the third division of Lithuanian and Polish Union. The Šventoji harbor floundered more than a hundred years during the rule of Russian Empire. In 1939-1940 the southern and north pier of Šventoji harbor was repaired, but the harbor did not develop any more. The harbor appeared to be too shallow for big ships to wharf. In 1973  Šventoji town was incorporated into Palanga resort.


Though Šventoji is a part of Palanga resort, it is accepted to be a separate holiday place as people tell significant difference between those resorts. Šventoji owns its civil parish where approximately 2000 inhabitants live. In the north border of Šventoji town there is an Oil Terminal of Būtingė and a custom house. During tough nowadays economic times local businessman entertain various ideas how to refresh the resort. The main idea is to transform Šventoji resort into Family resort. While developing tourism and enterprise many efforts are given in order to implement various initiative projects. Despite the fact many developments will be realized in future, in Šventoji there are many entertainments today already. Leisure center “Titanic”, many restaurants and bars, bathhouses, canoeing, cycling, driving comfortable velomobiles, enjoying rural tourism, golden Baltic sea beach and close neighborhood (15 km) of the most popular lively resort Palanga creates a fantastic temper of vacation. In addition, Šventoji holds an observatory called “Žemaičių alka“. Visitors are able to watch the sunset into the sea, fixate the most important Lithuanian calendar events. In order to mark the observatory and to mention the Balts mythological gods the wooden stakes were erected on the dune in Šventoji in 1998.

All in all, Šventoji is a resort on both – sea and river shore. As soon as the Šventoji harbor regenerates, the resort will get bigger income and possibly will become a popular tourist attraction center. As Šventoji has just got its own blazon, flag and hymn recently, that was a remarkable sing for the town to start developing. There are many works waiting to be done in order to renew the face of the resort. In the near future Šventoji will become a cosy and affordable resort for people of various financial capacity and requirements.