Suvalkija bicycle tour (44 km)

Suvalkija bicycle tourKazlų Rūda is famous for many meaningful monuments, beautiful places and talented craftsmen who have beautified their hometown for centuries. Thus, marvelous handmade chapels, crosses, wooden sculptures and temples can be seen there really often.  So, taking a bicycle tour around this area in Suvalkija region will be an interesting journey and kind of excursion to an open-air museum where exhibits are exposed in several kilometers long distances one from another.
Kazlų Rūda (F) – almost from all sides the town is surrounded by forests. In Kazlų Rūda there is a park located and on the South eastern part of the city a natural reservoir is established where visitors can admire beautiful nature.
Jūrė pound (B) – this is a resort place where it is possible to fish, to swim, to make a picnic, just to sit and have a good rest.
Vandeniai mound (C) – it is a beautiful natural monument which was even declared to be am archeological monument.   
Višakio Rūda (D) – it is a little village including an old baroque church built in 1883. White facades and nicely calm shape of the church of St. Bishop Stanislav catches attention.
Bagotoji (E) – it is a little settlement in Kazlų Rūda surroundings where the main centre of attention should be concentrated to the church of St. Antanas Paduvietis. It was built under a plan of latin cross, has 2 towers, in addition, an apse also beautifies its outlook.
Kazlų Rūda (F) – go back to Kazlų Rūda – your trip is over, congratulations!