Stuffed Cabbage (Balandėliai)

Dove (Balandis in lit.) symbolizes peace and love according to world symbolism. Lithuanian dish with the same name symbolizes fullness, perfect taste and smell according to Lithuanian hostesses. If a hostess in Lithuania knows only how to make tasty stuffed cabbages but nothing else, she still is worth to be called brilliant cook as perfectly made the so called doves atone any lack of cooking abilities. For sure, harmony of tastes of potted cabbage, ground meat, rice as well as savour of tomatoes astonishes everyone.  The only thing you think about after such dinner is to repeat it once again.



1 big cabbage
2 tablespoons of pork grease
2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
0,5 glass of wheat flour
0,5 glass of sour cream
500 g ground beaf
0,5 glass of rice
1 onion
Salt to taste
Black ground peppers to taste
Laurels to taste
Bouillon to taste



• Cut out the stem of cabbage and parboil it in salted water until cabbage leaves get soft.  Take out the cabbage, unrip its leaves and cut of their thicker parts.
• Prepare the filling: mix ground beef with boiled rice, chopped onion, season with salt and peppers.
• Form the little doves:  put on each cabbage leave some  prepared filling (amount of filling depends on leave size), turn the leave back and wrap a roll.
• After all doves are wrapped and ready, sprinkle them with wheat flour, sauté on fat, put in a pot, pour with fat, hot water, bouillon, tomato sauce, season with salt, peppers, laurels and smother for 30-40 minutes. In the end of smothering, pour in sour cream.
• Serve with hot boiled potatoes.