Church of St. Catherine

Vilnius is a capital city where there is a surprisingly big number of beautiful and historically as well as architecturally valuable churches concentrated. Church of St. Catherine is one of the main “exhibits” of Vilnius` church “collection”. It is famous not only for its` baroque and rococo forms, but also for amazing inside acoustics and brilliant music performances that here are often held.

Church of St. Catherine was built in 1743. It is a stone two-tower, one-nave church rich in baroque and rococo style decorations. The church is the dominating accent of ensemble of Benedictine monastery here located. The old monastery is interesting in its plan structure which is one of the most sophisticated building structures in Vilnius. A narrow corridor connects the Church and the monastery, in addition to this, on the south western corner of the church there is a Divine temple located.

During the Second World War both - church and monastery suffered many damages and losses as the ensemble became tumbledown, many valuable art works disappeared. During the Soviet period the church was a part of Vilnius Art museum. Believe it or not, but in the church there a storage was established while premise of the former monastery was used as living flats as well as quarters for public institutions. In 1994 restoration works of the church began and it was opened for public only in 2006.

Church of St. Catherine is more known as a place where cultural performances are held rather than a place where confessions take place. Its` main nave was suited for performances as delicate acoustic here was noticed long time ago already. There are 250 sitting places for visitors attending concerts. This cultural place is being administrated now by public institution called “House of Teachers” which is located just across the street of the church. Performances that are held in church of St. Catherine are always attended by large audience; usually there are no left free seats. Many people gather there in order to relax in such a saint and unpredictable concert hall to listen to live music performances shown by the best musicians in Lithuania. Foreign performers here are also invited to arrange their performances, but executants must satisfy high requirements in order to have a right to perform in Church of St. Catherine. Only live instrumental performances here can be arranged by universally established authorities. That’s why the Church of St. Catherine is always crowded during performances here held – high quality of acoustics and professional musicians guarantee heady musical doze.