European Center Golf club

European Center Golf ClubThe European Center Golf Club a proffesional golf club located in a picturesque location in the area of European geographic center. It`s main mission is to offer it`s members and guests an opportunity to enjoy the game of golf as a sport, as recreation and as a place of social meetings. For the visitors’ convenience, the Club is equipped with dressing rooms and a restaurant whose cooks offer their dishes, that you will be able to enjoy sitting in an open terrace with a picturesque view of the golf course.A professional instructor will helps to choose all the necessary golf gear, special outfit and footwear at the golf shop of the Club. Visitors are also able to buy golf gear.Special grounds are equipped for practice and training. Players wishing to improve skills or to learn will be advised by the Club employees who will also provide services. During the golfing season a professional instructor, who will be on the course at all times, will offer his assistance.