Ąžuolynas sports and health center

Ąžuolynas sports and health centerThe whole glazed body of the Ąžuolynas (Oakery) sports and health center is lifted on metal pillars to the height of the second storey. The underneath place is being used for car parking and service rooms. In the Eastern part of the building there is a café and a balcony where tennis games can be watched. In the “hanging” storey of the building these rooms are settled: halls for training and aerobics, changing rooms,  travel agency, café, beauty salon, trainers’ rooms and administration.  The interior decorations are simple but long living and ecological. The main accent of the interior is the outside view that looks like a colorful picture of changing seasons.The Ąžuolynas sports and health center is meant not only for those who take care of their beauty and health. Every visitor of the park is welcome here to sit down and rest in the balcony or café. The building is democratic and open for everybody.