Rene - La Cuisine de la Biere

ReneRENE is a touch surreal restaurant (and by this we don't say we're absolutely stark raving cuckoo mad, we're saying we try to be creative). It is dedicated to Beer Cuisine, meaningly that all food is prepared with beer OR suits very well to be enjoyed with beer (though, to be honest, there's a modest yet impressive wine list available - just don't tell anyone). The menu represents the happy (albeit, again, somewhat surreal) friendship of Belgian and French cuisines. RENE also is the proud and sole representative of the great Belgian beer legends KWAK, KARMELIET and DEUS (Bosteels Brewery)! Here it takes the whole mussels affair damn seriously, here the frites Belge (or "french fries" as our American friends erroneously call them) are "better than in Belgium" - to quote the Belgian Ambassador himslef. RENE also takes great pride in its 6 secret sauces and spare ribs and chicken wings are easily the best in the Country. Sorry, no modesty here... French classic cassoulet? Possibly, the only real one around. Home-made sausages? You bet. Fresh crayfish and intriguing salads? Absolutely. Oh, and when was the last time you had real Belgian Waterzooi? Waterwhat? Exactly. It is imperative to draw on its tablecloths with the provided pencils, its beautiful waiting staff wears bowler hats and everybody seems to have jolly good fun. What about you? In short, CHERCHEZ LE CHAPEAU-MELON - LOOK FOR THE BOWLER HAT!