Restaurant LokysRestaurant Lokys is one of the oldest restaurants in Vilnius, located in the olden merchant’s house in Stiklių Street. In 1972 restaurant Lokys was opened. Now it has over thirty years experience in restaurant business and has earned a respectful name. The restaurant cellars, decorated with hunting trophies, remind us of 15th century. In addition to attentive service, game roasts made according to traditional recipes and medieval entertainment help us to create a unique hospitality atmosphere for every customer. The restaurant Lokys offers its guests such dainties as “Boar-meat roast with cowberries and sweet pear, praised by Grand Duke Gediminas“, „Venison meat roasts with boletus and crispy-fried vegetables”, “Quail with blackberries sauce, loved by charming Lithuanian ladies”. Lokys literally means bear and knowing this important fact will help you easily locate the restaurant, as there is a bear seated at the entrance. Meander down stairs and enjoy some wild boar or roasted roe-deer meat.