BUnte GAns

BUnte GAnsEvery decent town needs a place where good food, good music and great people come together. In Vilnius that place is German restaurant BUnte GAns. The restaurant offers high-level german and international cuisine - German and Italian Salad, Snitzels and Bratwurst, Beef Steaks of high quality Argentinian beef, Fresh fish. Its` qualified english and german speaking waiters will offer you warm service. Customers of the restaurant love an authenthic german interior which was made by a famous lithuanian architect Audronis Vydžius. BUnte GAns has live piano and acordeon music on Thursdays, Fridays  and Saturdays from 8 pm. The restaurant is easy to find - ideally located in the center of the Old Town near Aušros Gate and Filharmony. It also has a sunnysummer terrace to make your staying here even more pleasant.