Each summer more than 300000 tourists come to Nida from Lithuania and from other countries, especially from German. Nida is the biggest town in the Curonian Spit with approximately 1650 inhabitants. It is composed of 3 little settlements  - Nida, Skruzdynė and Purvynė as the old Nida was snowbouded by dune sands in 1675 and the local inhabitants were forced to settle further north. It is located 48 km from Klaipėda and only 4 km form the borderline with the Russian Federation.   Nida was harried many times during the World Wars but finally it was rebuilt by soviets in 1953 and in 1961 under the order of the Supreme Council of Soviet Lithuania Nida became an administrative center of Neringa city.

Interesting places to visit

One of the most exciting destinations in Nida is the Parnidis dune including the Sun Clock. The dune is of 52m height. There is a great viewpoint which is the only one place in Lithuania where people can observe both - the sun rising from and the sunset into waters. The lighthouse on the Urbas hill is not less worth visiting. The lighthouse of 29,3 m height is now a meaningful navigation sign for sailors to help them orient in the sea. Its light signals are seen from approximately 40 km. The Nida lighthouse is involved into worlds light signs books as well as marked in sea charts. One more interesting place to visit is the ethnographical cemetery which is located near the Lutheran Church of Nida. The cemetery is interesting in original wooden tombs remained till nowadays that are characterized in unique shapes and forms full of horse heads, plants and birds fragments. Nida also includes the historical museum of Thom Mann. The museum is established in the former cottage of the great writer Thomas Mann. For those who want to empathize to the real ancient fishermen lifestyle, an original ethnographical fisherman homestead would be the best place to. The homestead includes a yard, verdure, a well, outhouse and living house including the exposition of 19-20th century furniture and housewares.


Nida as a resort of high quality offers many types of entertainments. Activities vary from the simplest cognitive path in natural reserves and dunes to professional yachting. A very popular type of acquainting the Nida town and environs is riding a bicycle as the infrastructure of cycleways is well developed. A well appreciated type of entertainment is water tourism. People may rent themselves a boat or have a nice picnic in the Baltic sea or Curonian waters in a special jaunt ships. Nida is a paradise place for those who are addicted to fishing. The amateur fisheries are often organized there as Nida is an especially fishy region. In addition to this, Nida is one of the most important centers of ornithology in North Europe as the rout of birds migration extends above the Curonian Spit and Nida region is under perfect conditions for watching migrating birds. In winter there is a possibility to try an unusual sport which is sailing the ice with special sledge called “Ice-Blokart”.

Once you come to Lithuania, you cannot miss a chance to visit Nida resort. Its breathtaking landscape, pure air and calm atmosphere bewitch all the visitors and make an indelible impression. Nida attracts more and more visitors each year as it is a perfect choice for those who want to have a prestigious vacation as well for those who are looking for a class place to spend a few relaxing days disassociated from the fast moving world. There are many accommodation possibilities that meet requirements of even most strict tourists. In conclusion, nobody regret yet spending time in Nida as this marvelous place always helps to regain strength and inspire for new works.