Druskininkai is the largest and one of the most exciting resorts in Lithuania. The city is located in South  Lithuania,  120 km from the capital Vilnius and has 25.000 inhabitants. It is famous for its natural surroundings, undoubtedly effective treatment facilities, museums, architectural monuments of local importance and leisure time activities. Everyone who visits the resort is attracted by its highly developed servicing, friendly local inhabitants and healthy environment.

There are many types of activities a visitor can enjoy. Mostly the choice of time spending depends on the purpose in coming for a stay in Druskininkai.  It`s not quite easy to describe all the possible ways of staying in Druskininkai in a short article, however there are some ones that should be meant necessarily.

Treatment and health improvement

Druskininkai is an excellent place for those who wants to remedy personal health as the city is surroundend by coniferous forests and waters. Breathing pure air, drinking mineral water straight from the natural springs, possibility to have bathes in natural therapeutic peat mud are not the only advantages that can be found in there. There is no any considerable source of pollution around the city. That`s why the resort is so clean and healthy to stay in. A very strong reason to declare the wellness of Druskininkai is the fact that the city was admitted to the International Climate Therapy and Hydro Therapy Association in 2003.

Interesting places to visit

Druskininkai is rich not only in spectacular surroundings that catches the attention of city guests. The picturesque landscape valley of Raigardas, which nowadays is declared to be a landscape reserve, is a reasonable gift of nature that is very remarkable for its watery springs and meadows with dunes. Švendubrė is an impressive old street village located 5 km from Druskininkai famous for its marvelous hill called Black Mountain, old dzukish homesteads surrounded by distinctive yards and the Švendubrė stone which is accepted to be geological monument. Liškiava is also a recommendable place to visit which is just 8 km from Druskininkai as there you can see the Alka mound, the Church hill, the so called Stone of witches as well as admire various architectural monuments left till nowadays that were built before centuries.

The Museums

There`s no doubt that the most famous museum in Druskininkai is Grūtas Park where real monuments of Soviet occupation are exposed. The exposition is located outside and visitors can face the real absurdity of Soviet leaders idolization while taking a view into big statues displayed in the park. If a tourist is interested in Lithuanian art it is essential to visit the Memorial Museum of M.K. Čiurlionis which is established in two his parent`s houses. M.K. Čiurlionis is probably the most famous Lithuanian artist so it would be very valuable  to visit his family`s houses in order to face his recreated authentic life. In addition to this, visitors are able to visit a V.K. Jonynas` Gallery to take a look at his creations such like drawings, graphics, paintings and stained glass projects. Also a very unconventional kind of museums is a museum of forests called Girios Aidas (Echo of Forest) which is  also able to come over. Visitors are able to see an exhibition of wood art works, jewellery works from amber and other interesting exhibits in there. Druskininkai also has its own Town Museum located in a representational villa Linksma (Funny) on the shores of the Druskonis lake. Near the Town Museum of Druskininkai traditional town celebrations, concerts and lectures are usually held.

The Druskininkai resort offers wild variety of leisure time activities the only one necessary thing is to know what you prefer. Was it your health or your soul recovery, both you can have in this admirable Druskininkai resort.

Druskininkai in Winter