Birštonas is a resort located in Southern Lithuania, 39 km from Kaunas. It is a small town (13 km2) with only approximately 3200 inhabitants. Its healthy environment and status of being a perfect place for unusual free time activities was already known in the 14th century when Lithuanian and foreign rulers used to stay there for hunting and rest. Harmonious and pure nature of Birštonas attracts people till nowadays.

Treatment and health improvement

There are two specialized sanatoriums in Birštonas „Tulpės“ (Tulips) and  „Versmė“ (Source) where people are able to have treatment and recreation for various ailments applying not only the latest methods of treating but also treating with mineral water and curative mud.

The “Tulpė” sanatorium is unique to house a massage bath “Nuvola”. Spending 40 minutes in this bath is equal to 6 hours sleep. In the “Versmė” sanatorium there is an exclusive salt chamber which is very helpful in treating ear-nose-throat illnesses. If a visitor wants just to have a good and relaxing rest and does not need special treatment facilities, there is a possibility to stay in nice hotels like “Royal Residence”  or “Nemuno slėnis” where SPA centers are available.   A very significant point of wellness of Birštonas is the air of the resort as surrounding by forests and waters influences the air making it mild and inhalant.

Interesting places to visit

In addition to being recreational resort, Birštonas is rich in sightseeing. For example there is the only building of its kind in Lithuania called Kurhaus which is included into the list of Lithuanian architecture heritage as to be one of the oldest restaurants. City guests must also visit a so called Pump room belonging to sanatorium “Tulpės” where it is possible to drink mineral water straight from natural subterranean water springs.  What is more, there are a few museums like the Museum of Birštonas where exhibits of regional studies are displayed, the Sacramental Museum housing two memorial expositions and many religious art masterpieces. A very unconventional Museum of Cuisine Heritage is located in the “Royal Residence” complex where visitors can be acquainted to more than 4000 exhibits of dishes and flatware used in the 16th - 20th centuries. Despite the fact Birštonas is very small, there are two spectacular churches like the Church of St. Anthony of Padua and the Church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul that were both built in junction of 19-20th centuries.


Birštonas is thought to be a perfect cultural centre for those who love music, poetry and sports as the resort often hosts artistic and sports events. Visitors are able not only to watch, but to attend some of them as for example take a path for pedestrians, cyclists or riders. Visitors can enjoy wild variety of entertainments including swimming, boating or even canoeing in summer and skiing in winter. The ones who needs especially strong impressions can have an air balloon or a plane flight that take off from the Pociūnai airport.

Birštonas offers many types of time spending in pure and harmonious surroundings: ellegant villas, beautiful churches of neo-gothic style, impressive panoramas of nature that open from the highest banks of river Nemunas and the most important: healthy and pure atmosphere whiffing quietness. This is what everybody appreciate in today fast moving world.