Raudonė Castle

In a little Raudonė settlement located in Jurbarkas district, South western Lithuania, where only about 1880 inhabitants live, there is an outstanding historical monument standing. It is a beautiful Raudonė castle of Revival Style built there in the 16th century. The Raudonė castle is one of the most famous architectural structures in Jurbarkas district.

In the last quarter of the 16th century, a woodsman and a merchant Krišpinas Kirštenšteinas built himself a fortified manor castle. In the middle of the 17th century his grandson Jeronimas became a governor and secretary of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy Treasury and made the Raudonė castle his main residence.

These years were the best for the castle. Later, when there were no alive descendants of the Kirštenšteinai family left, the Raudonė castle became home for their relatives Olendskiai. They rebuilt the Raudonė castle several times in 18-19th centuries according to classicism style. After a fire broke out there, Olendskiai sold the castle to Zubovai family. Zubovai family took its` total remodeling  and in 1877 reconstruction works were finished. It took an appearance of nowadays then. Its former renaissance architecture was hidden, a few striking examples of which remained only in towers of the castle as well as in its north housing. During the First World War German military forces ravaged   the castle a lot. The same they did during the Second World War. During retreating Germans burst the Great Tower of the castle which also hardly damaged the southern corpus of the castle while collapsing. After the Second World War the Raudonė caslte was rebuilt and a primary school was here established which works till nowadays and is the only one school located in the castle in Lithuania.

The Raudonė castle nowadays is one of the main sightseeing spots on the Lithuanian map of an architectural heritage objects. The total complex of the castle contains a neo gothic millhouse, a beautiful old park where a legendary Oak of Gediminas (one of the oldest oaks in Europe)and the nine-stem Lime grow. From the top of the main tower (33,5 meters height) of the castle a picturesque view of Nemunas river opens. Visitors are all welcome to climb up the tower and to take a glance at these marvelous natural surroundings. In addition, once a year, a traditional weekend called “Panemunių žiedai” (Blossom of Panemunė) is held at the last weekend of May there. It is a time ,when the castle truly revives. Hundreds of people come to Raudonė castle to watch battles of ancient knights, to enjoy performances of local artists, taste delicious local food and relax in beautiful surroundings.