Potato Sausage (Vėdarai)

Lithuanians are at variance about Lithuanian potato sausage as ones  just can`t eat it while others worship this extravagant dish. Strange appearance, memorable taste and fullness are the words best describing the dish. Eat it with sour cream or sauté onions and greaves.




Ingredients for 5 portions

12 potatoes
20 g pig fat
2 onions
0,5 teaspoon marjoram
3 pig guts
1 garlic
salt to taste



• Clean up pig guts from inside well – pull out fat and dirtiness. Rub outside guts with garlic well and keep for at least 24 hours or more.
• Pear off potatoes, grate them and rack.
• Sauté chopped onion and chopped fat.
• Pour everything into potatoes mash, put in marjoram, salt and stir well.
• Stuff guts not too tight with prepared potatoes mash and string.
• Grease the baking tray with fat, pour in a little bit water, amply lay stuffed guts and put in a hot oven.
• 5-10 minutes later prick potato sausages in several places with some thin sharp thing. Bake until light brown searing,  turn upside if necessary.