Plokštinė Nuclear Missile Launch Site

In 1960 more than 10 000 Soviet soldiers started secret works in Žemaitija National Park that took 2 years. The out of the way forest near Plungė was carefully chosen to become a secret base to carry the Soviet Nuclear Weapons. The base was situated here and became famous as a Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site. The base was one of the top Soviet military secrets that was revealed by USA reconnaissance only in 1978.

The Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site started operating around three years after it was established. It included  4 silos that took in missiles of the R- 12 U/ SS-4 kind.

It is truly unbelievable that soldiers who worked on the site actually dug up the silos with their  own hands working in shifts throughout the day and the night to get them out. The missiles at the Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site were nuclear in nature and propelled using a medium range liquid. They weighed more than 40 tones each and the weight of the warhead was over 1500 kilograms. These surface-to-surface missiles also had a radius of operation of a little less than 2500 kilometers. The overall complex was named ‘Dvina.’

After 12 years of operating, the Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site was shut down. No one could really believe that such kind of operations were taken there at such a  serene and calm forest! The same is nowadays. Visitors can hardly imagine the real former threat of this place. The Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site nowadays  boasts of a network of tunnels that seem to be very scary when you navigate them. It also includes a deep shaft that has a depth of nearly between 27 to 34 meters.

It is known that when the missiles were set up here, there were no even any precautionary tests of the launching taken. It appeared to be too risky for  people living in the surrounding areas. Luckily, the rockets were never truly lounched. Now we do not know what a terrible after effect could have appeared. Now we can only visit the Museum of Militarism established at the Plokštinė nuclear missile launch site and consider the imposible question to answer : what would be if had been...