Pažaislis Music Festival

The music show that continues longest in Lithuania is the Pažaislis Music Festival in Kaunas which each year lasts for 3 months. It is annually held in Pažaislis monastery which distinguishes in its beautiful buildings erected on the western coast of Kaunas Lagoon. Incidentally, the Pažaislis monastery is reputed as one of the best baroque examples in the North and East Europe of the 17th century. Thus attending the festival is a pleasure for lovers of both - good music and architecture.

The main conception of this festival held annually since 1996 is to popularize classical music, to brighten Lithuanian music life in summer. Traditionally professional kapellmeisters, musicians and musical ensembles are represented here, the international culture dialog and cooperation is encouraged. Nowadays the festival is a concurrent part of Kaunas summer as events are affordable for all people, in many churches free of charge concerts are arranged. Wide accessability popularized the festival in all Europe – it is well known far away from Lithuanian borders. World famous musicians like Yehudi Menuhin, Justus Frantz, Jurij Bashmet, Eric Ericson, Roy Goodman, Krzysztof Penderecki measured the occasion as an equal to the most famous European music festivals.

Usually great variety of music genres can be heard there : from early Joseph Haydn works to up to date modern opera, from Russian sacral singing to rum songs, from grand vocal and instrumental music concerts to exclusive recitals. Every summer evening marvelous performances included into program of Pažaislis Music Festival are arranged in Kaunas or other cities in Lithuania: the festival spreads across Lithuania widely spreading sounds of classical music widely. In 2010 in the 15th Pažaislis Music Festival there performed musicians from such countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Great Britain, Norway, Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Hungary… Doesn`t it look like a very colorful company of performers? Of course it does.

Pažaislis Music Festival is a perfect event where attendants can expect to hear some absolutely untraditional consonances. In 2009 program there was included an untraditional accordion item which charmed everyone listened to it. In addition to this: a virtuoso dialog between violin and mouthorgan could also be considered. Moreover, a program of classic rock was prepared for the festival by Lithuanian St. Christopher chamber orchestra… These and many other musical interpretations and variations were prepared for listeners to enjoy in the 14th Pažaislis Music Festival. As the festival is growing and developing each year, we can only imagine what musical diamonds we could listen to next year. 3 months is enough to find time to attend at least one of many concerts.