Panevėžys Art Gallery

Panevėžys is the city famous for its sport, culture and industry. In order to maintain its cultural level, the Panevėžys  Civic art Gallery was established there in 1990 by Panevezys City Council. The main activities and directions of the gallery till nowadays are arrangement of exhibitions, enlargement of exhibits in its art collection, educational lections, arrangements of various concerts and publications.

Nowadays approximately 20 various exhibitions take place in the gallery. These exhibitions represent various genres of art. Combining representation of artists from various cities and even countries, the gallery reveals the real communication between completely different creators and artists that leads them to promotion and higher level of creativity.

The gallery not only presents various collections, but also initiates new collaborations between artists in order to implement new art projects. As it was already mentioned, the gallery organizes educational activities. These activities include work with spectators of exhibitions, various topical lectures and discussions. Mostly the themes are of cultural retrospection, history of art as well as of topics dictated by urgent problems of art world. Moreover, the gallery often arranges concerts of chamber music which really suit for the gallery`s atmosphere where the art spirit fills every corner together with more than 3000 books, booklets, posters, catalogues, publications and other visual materials on ceramics of the world.

Since 2006 not without help of AB “Panevėžio stiklas“  (Panevėžys Glass Factory) and UAB „Midenė“,  the Panevėžys  Civic art Gallery organizes manual international ceramic symposiums that are well known not only in Lithuania, but also worldwide. During these symposiums international theoretical conferences with participants including artist and art theoreticians and writers are held. Competent attendants discuss thus much valuable theoretical generalizations are made. Not only artists, but also many ceramic conscious people from various cities of Lithuania are glad to arrive at conferences as well as at the last exhibitions generated during symposiums. There is nothing to be surprised about as the collection of the gallery contains more than 600 exhibits by 135 authors from 30 different countries. The variety is really astonishing and the international culture which can be seen here inspires for new creations as well as for new daily life works.  In addition to this , the collection is renewed every year so it is permanently changing.

Visiting the Panevėžys  Civic art Gallery guarantees valuable time, so whenever you come to Panevėžys, don’t miss a chance to come over here.

Address: Respublikos str. 3, Panevėžys

Opening hours:  Wen-Sun  11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Mon-Tue-Public holidays closed.

Entrance fee 2-4 lt.