Panemunė Castle

Some historic buildings remained till nowadays attract tourists to come over although no expositions, galleries or other prepared exhibits there are available to see. One of such places is the renaissance Panemunė castle built in the beginning of the 17th century located in Jurbarkas district. These who have ever visited the old castle say that impressions while climbing to towers or walking in corridors of the former edifice are undoubtedly worth coming here. Thereby the final result of excursion to Panemunė castle may surpass all expectations as yet art expositions there are sometimes arranged.

The Panemunė castle was erected on the right shore of Nemunas river. Perhaps Nemunas prompted what should be the final name of the majestic mansion although it has changed several times. The castle was built by Hungarian nobleman Eperjesh who bought the surrounding lands from Lithuanian local inhabitants. The nowadays Panemunė castle was built as his luxurious residence in 1610. Since the then until 1925 the castle was a private property. Owners of the castle changed many times as well as its appearance was reconstructed according to wishes and tastes of its` new owners.

The Panemunė castle got assumed some classicism elements, the inside interior was decorated with friezes of antique figures, windows were cut out, cylindrical furnaces built. Outside the castle a park including 5 ponds beautified the whole castle structure. However, passing years often make cruel influence. The Panemunė castle got under miserable conditions as it was desolated, mishandled and burnt in the 19th century. Its valuable library was brought out, the former marvelous park of classicism style became feral. In 1925 Lithuanian government made the castle a national possession. In 1935 the Panemunė castle and its surroundings where taken under responsibility of Lithuanian Culture department, in 1961 the castle was included into list of national culturally valuable monuments. 1995 – 1997 the castle was partially reconstructed.

Nowadays Panemunė castle has 2 corpuses remained – the western including 2 towers and the southern. Panemunė castle belongs to Vilnius Art Academy which takes care about restoration of the castle and fitting it to science, education and tourism purposes. During the summer season the Vilnius Art Academy arranges there expositions of art works. Visitors are able not only to admire paintings of students of Vilnius Art academy, but also to climb up the towers and watch spectacular views of Nemunas river valley opening there.  The nearby park is also a part of the whole structure of the castle. It is a perfect example of landscape type park which grows on a hilly local relief that strengthens the overall impression of the Panemunė castle sight a lot.