Nida Jazz Festival

Since 2001 every year a fantastic Nida Jazz festival named as Nida Jazz Marathon is organized in summer. The festival program is improved each summer and catches more and more attention. Number of musicians participating in this project grows every year. That’s why the Nida Jazz festival is attended by more and more visitors.

In 2009 the Nida Jazz festival proceeded from 31th of July to 10th of August. The first day festival was held in other towns of Neringa district. The starting performance was shown in Juodkrantė, in the Oakery („Ąžuolynas“) stage . The rest of the festival  was centered in Nida on the coast of Curonian Lagoon. This year organizers invited all music lovers to listen to improvisations by great jazz masters like Liudas Mockūnas, Sergej Manukian, Lasse Lindgren. A world famous pianist Ferial Karamat Ali and trio from Netherlands visiting Lithuania not the first time demonstrated great piano skills and power of piano music for listeners. From Israel here came a jazz band called “Yuval Ron and Resident of the Future” which revealed the influence of modern jazz, progressive rock, fusion and metal genres. On the stage festival guests also were able to see performers from Russia, Sweden and of course Lithuania.

In 2009 one of the main accents of the festival was the project “Tango Extremal”. A professional  performance of musicians and dancers analyzed the perpetual love theme implicating viewers into deep navel-gazing. More than 20 performers attended the project including instrumentalists, vocalists and dancers prepared a wonderful show which was also shown on the 1st of August.

During 9 years of existing the Nida Jazz festival has already showed its  visitors such world famous jazz grants like LaGaylia Frazier (USA), Eve Cornelious (USA), „Grammy“ laureates Jay Ashby and Andy Snitzer (USA), „Pori Jazz All Stars“ (Finland), Bianca Morales & Ted Curson (Finland), Roman Mirošničenko trio (Russia) and Lembit Saarsalu (Estonia). A chance to listen to real jazz professionals attracts many melomans to come back to the festival each year and to have a wonderful time there in Nida.

In conclusion, there cannot be any discussions that Nida is one of the best places in Lithuania for such kind of festivals to be arranged in. The fantastic surroundings, union of Curonian Lagoon and Baltic sea, clean and quiet environment, ambience of golden sand dunes and luscious pine forests creates the atmosphere perfectly suitable for serious music. Perhaps the surroundings even influence the music to sound in some other, better way. That way leads straight to people`s hearts.

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