National Art Gallery

2009 is a year when Vilnius is honored to be the European culture capital so it is not a coincidence that the National Art Gallery was finally reconstructed and opened in 2009 the 19th of June. Lithuanians now might be proud about their new, modern and eclectic gallery where artworks of world famous artists of past and present are exposed.

The main purpose of the gallery is to collect, organize scientific researches and represent for its guests from Lithuania and countries abroad the Lithuanian art of 20th and 21st centuries.

As Lithuanian art is a strong branch in world culture which is related with foreign art in various ways, the National Art Gallery will try to implement its main purpose – to widen the knowledge of its guests about the Lithuanian art and the conception of visualization art as well as to preserve the Lithuanian art heritage.  National Art Gallery is thought to be a modern up to date culture center which tries to contract the dialog with the society. It is not only a gallery, it is a space for active communication , where visitors are able to get acquainted with the exhibitions, participate in cultural and educational programs. Today the National Art Gallery expose more than 46000 artworks including modern painting, sculpture, graphic, photography, installations and video art.

The building of Lithuanian Art Gallery has attained a great attention by society. Its untraditional forms and architectural decisions impress a lot. The impressive gallery building represents the late modernism as square stone bulks of the building are gracefully integrated into pellucid glass base. The architectural ensemble perfectly matches the surroundings of the right Neris shore. To sum up – the building is a perfect example of classical and modern architecture unity. The National Art Gallery is a nice integration into fast changing Constitution prospect surroundings symbolizing urban, up to date and dynamic knowledge society. As the gallery is pretty flexible, it implements other cultural projects too. Recently the cinema evenings were arranged in the gallery where a brand new cinema hall was renewed. The same hall is suitable for conferences and various events and there is no doubt that in a future it will be a very useful conference hall.

The National Art Gallery is open for everyone who is interested in professional art, professional  artists and art history. The total 12 halls of exhibitions requires not one hour to survey the expositions closely. Take your time and enjoy a relaxing walk in surroundings of modern architecture and art masterpieces.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Address: Constitution prospect 22, Vilnius
Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Entrance fee – 10 litas (50% discount for schoolchildren, students, seniors, invalids and members of Art association in Vilnius)