The Museum of Energetic and Technique

The former power station built near Mindaugas bridge in Vilnius became an interesting Museum of Energetic and Technique in 2003. Brand new museum surprises anyone visiting it as in authentic surroundings of former powerful electricity provider there are 8 different expositions located.

Of course, the main object which the museum is proud of is the same building where it is located. The former Vilnius power station was built in 1901 when Vilnius city decided to withdraw services of Berlin company which provided gas for the city. Thus government of Vilnius city initiated building works of local central electricity power station which would provide energy for illumination and tram (plans regarding tram were never implemented because of World wars). These changes were thought to influence further development of Vilnius city. And so, the project was implemented. Then the building was separated into 2 parts that differed in their purposes and architecture. The first part was a one storey building where a steam machinery hall and boiler room were located. In the basement of the steam machinery hall there were also living rooms, administrative corpus, eatery, fuel storage and a workshop appointed.

The second part of the power station was a 3 floor building which was decorated with a distinguishing 4 meters high sculpture called “Electra”. The sculpture decorated both – the power station and the city, it was even mentioned in local folklore songs! However, the original sculpture was destroyed in 1957 by Soviets with no reason… In the second part of the Vilnius power station  there were turbines` hall and boilers` hall located. Luckily, World wars did not destroy the building where the Museum of Energetic and Technique is now located. In 1951 this power station was the most important electricity producer in Vilnius, but when in 1963 Elektrėnai power station was built, the Vilnius power station stopped manufacturing electricity, it only provided heat and hot water in Vilnius city until 1998.

The Museum of Energetic and Technique nowadays demonstrates results of great ambition declared in 2005 to become a modern public place suiting requirements and expectations of up to date society. So the impressive technique museum was created which serves as an educative, entertaining and heritage preserving institution. Visitors here can admire these expositions:  “Energetic of Sun and Wind”, ”Interactive expositions of science”, ”Vilnius industry”, “Made in Vilnius”, ”Transport”, ”The First Vilnius power station”,  ”Energetic” and “Kinds of power stations”. In addition to this, the Museum of Energetic and Technique also arranges thematic events dedicated to days of energetic, various movable exhibitions here are exposed and often educational programs for schoolchildren here are held. What is more, the Museum of Energetic and Technique offer to rent specific halls for specific celebrations or seminars as the atmosphere there is really exclusive…
The museum is open every Tue – Sat 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Entrance fee: 2-10 litas. Guidance: 40 – 60 litas.