Museum for the Blind

Nowadays people are overcrowded with variety of senses: smells, tastes, noise of  traffic, uproar of crowds, radio or TV, colorful advertisements, window dressings, journals, lively internet world… That is so much of everything that sometimes people stop absorbing it. But if one of senses stop working, things get worse. Seeing is the most important sense which gives us 80% information. Blind people can hardly orient in new places, every day they face much discomfort. Only experiencing the same they do would help seeing people understand them. For such a purpose an experimental Museum for the Blind in Kaunas was created. Total dark and unknown place in the catacombs of Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel's Church. That is an experience which is worth to be lived.

The Museum for the Blind was established in 2005. The purpose then was to open a place for people with seeing disability. However, it soon appeared that blind people do not really experience something very exceptional here, but the seeing ones really do as they get into the world of blinds and can trust only on smell , hearing and touching senses. The atmosphere of underground tunnel, total darkness and unknown place arouse fear and distrust, but the further visitors go to the dark together with others, the more understanding and brave they are.

The exposition of the Museum for the Blind is unique as mostly various senses are exposed there. Attributes fitted in the walls, floors or ceilings help to orientate and choose the right way to go. Somewhere particular smells or sounds help to indicate the direction to move further, elsewhere the light draught inform about the wanted exit. People experiencing fare and uncertainty start knowing themselves better or rely on friends more: feeling friends hand encourages and strengthens the relation.  Efforts to defeat the darkness change people. They start feeling responsibility about friends that are also here in the dark, that is a good team building! And finally, when the light appears again, visitors feel like winners. Thus there is no doubt that visiting the Museum for the Blind and temporal blindness is an exceptional experience.

So, any time you are in Kaunas, do not miss a chance to visit the Museum for the Blind, which is charged only 2 litas per person. The museum is open every day in the morning 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM and afternoon 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.  The address is Nepriklausomybės sq. 14, Kaunas. For bigger groups registration by phone (8 37) 226676) in advance is necessary. Have a good and memorable time here.