Mosėdis Stone Museum

In the North West of Lithuania there is a little village named Mosėdis, which is famous for its unique Museum of Rare Stones. More than 150 000 different stones (the smallest probably weights less than a gramme, and the largest more than 50 tons) and pebbles are being exposed in the area of 8 ha in Bartuva river’s field. The story of the museum began when its former, doctor Vaclovas Intas, suddenly saw a marvelous 50 kg weighting stone in a neighbor village after being out on rounds in 1957. He brought the stone home by himself and laid it in the yard of the hospital he directed at that time.

The Museum includes two main expositions. The first one is located in an old mill, where visitors can take a look at geological maps, classified rock fragments, fossils, the sand collection, rich in colors and factions, and even at a stoned foreign bodies removed from a human gall-bladder or kidney.

The outside exhibition is designed as if it was a natural Sweden or Finnish landscape. Visitors are able to see, touch and feel the power and mystery of the stones that came to Lithuania during the glacial epoch 700 000 – 13 000 years ago. The most impressive moment in this connection between a stone and a human is the understanding that human life is absolutely trivial and temporary in comparison to a stone’s life. The Museum of Rare Stones also offers cultural and educational activities for visitors to reveal the ethno cultural and practical importance of the boulders of Lithuania.

The worth of the museum was recently proven in a documentary film named The Vaclovas Intas Stone Museum. Legend of the Stones. The film was created in order to mention the 30 years jubilee of the museum. The film establishes facts that demonstrate appreciation for the Mosėdis Museum of Rare Stones and proves its world class. A very interesting fact is that the picture of the Museum was chosen as a cover for the book published after the historic Congress of geologists arranged in 2008.
It would be a sin to miss a chance to visit the Museum of Rare Stones as it is well known to be a beautiful place surrounded by spectacular nature, created by loving hands and including a lot of marvelous exhibits.

The museum accepts visitors all over the year: from the 1st of May to the 31th of  October  the open hours are: Monday to Sunday 10.00–20.00. From the 1st of November to the 30th of April: Monday to Friday 8.00-17.00. The address is: 2 Salantu St, Mosedis, LT-98271, Skuodas region. St. For more information visit: