Survival Drama at a Soviet Bunker

Survival Drama at a Soviet BunkerSurvival Drama in a Soviet Bunker is an attraction for groups of 10 and more people which has widely resounded in all over the World. Foreign media channels like Reuters, London times, Der Spiegel, Daily Telegraph from various countries like USA, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Australia, France, Canada published many reportages and articles about this unique activity only available in Lithuania. People here are involved into a realistic 6 hours lasting spectacle about Soviet lager conditions. Attendants (only grown ups) must sign an agreement about their clear mental and physical state in order to be involved into the activity. Realistic behaviour of tough supervisors, dogs, food, amunition, clothes and surroundings of real former bunker force to forget an easy going life style. Lager is not easy, it is unfair and cruel. Learn an alive history lesson.